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10...Product Questions

1 What wood are the barrels made of?

The great majority of the barrels are made of new French oak, coming from the northeast of France, of American oak and also of Portuguese chestnut wood.

2 What kind of drinks can I store or age in these barrels?

Beverages that can benefit from the flavors and aging in the wood: Whiskey, Scotch, Beer, Rum, Cognac, Brandy, Port Wine and other Wines and destillates.

3 What sizes do you offer?

We can offer standard sizes from 1L to 225L. Also we have the mini size of 500ml. We can even supply barrels of superior capabilities. Please contact us.

4 Can I order an unfinished barrel or a barrel with a different finish? What types of finishes (internal and external) can you add to the barrel?

Yes you can! We may, however, need some more time to organize your production and finishing. We can supply the barrels with 3 different types of internal finishing: raw barrels, toasted barrels and waxed barrels. Regarding the external finish of the barrel, it can be delivered in raw, varnished (colorless lacquer) or in a darker ("aged") tone.

5 Do you customize products? Can I customize my barrel?

The barrels and other parts can be customized, by laser engraving or by serigraphy. The client sends us the design/text that wants and we will send the respective quote. You can see some examples of work done in the respective product area - Barrels/Custom and Special series

6 When I get the barrel, is it ready to fill immediately?

The barrels are delivered ready for immediate filling, indeed yes !. However, in the case of a natural raw material (wood), which may change depending on the conditions to which it is exposed or stored, we alert customers that they must make the previous "CURE" of the barrel - SEE BLOG ARTICLE - and with that ensure the complete tightness of the barrel, before they put the drink they want, not to waste it.

7 What if the barrel is leaking?

Do not be alarmed if you initially fill your barrel with water and this leaks. Most barrels always leak a little, when filled with liquids for the first time. No problem, there is only need to treat the barrel. The wood must first absorb the liquid and expand against the hoops so the barrel becomes watertight, closing all possible points where leaks can occur, and this still takes some time. This treatment can take a few days, depending on the condition and size of the barrel. Smaller barrels may take a few days and larger barrels may take a week. We always suggest that you initially cure the barrel with water and not with what you intends to put, not to waste your drink.

8 What if one of the hoops of the barrel is dropped and fall?

It may happen. Our miniature oak barrels are all handmade, and have no nails or glue to hold them together. Because of this, there is a possibility of you receiving a barrel with an hoop that eventually would have come loose with transport or .... If the barrel is not damaged or defective, do not worry if it does! it will only need a very simple operation, before it heals the barrel In this case you have to re-position the hoop at the place of origin and bounce it with the help of some tool and after that fill the barrel with water, for the wood to expand. This operation may take a few days, but will eventually "fix" the fallen hoop again in its place, and "seal" the barrel itself.

9 What is the average life time of a barrel and how many times can I use it?

With a complete care, your barrel can last from 8 to 10 years. Regarding the number of times you can use it, it will depend on how long you set to age each batch of drinks you put.

10 My question was not answered here, what do I do?

If your question is not answered here, you can get this information by contacting us by sending us an email. We will answer you as soon as possible


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